Emergency Plumbing

Plumbing emergencies knock our doors without prior warning. If the problem occurs in the wee or odd hours, then the cost of emergency plumbing services is more than the usual and scheduled plumbing services. Here is useful guide on how to handle these emergency plumbing situations.

No Water?

Checking on the pump circuit breaker is the first thing that you must do. Then you must reset the same. If the circuit trips again, then you must opt for the service. If it is very urgent, then opt for immediate emergency plumbing services. If you can manage, then wait to opt for the regular plumbing services in the usual hours.


Also checking on the pressure tank gauge is very important.

If you are a subscriber of water services from your area’s municipality, then check if the bill is paid on time.

No Hot Water?

In case you are not receiving hot water supply, then check on the hot water fixtures in your building or flat.

Then also make it a point to check the circuit breaker present in the house panel.

If you possess an electric hot water tank, then you should try to reset breaker. In case it trips again, then there is no point resetting again. Then you should make it a point to call for the emergency plumbing services.

Leaking water pipes?

In case you witness a leakage anywhere in your water pipeline, then first of all you have to shut down the main water valve. Or you may opt to shut off the gate valve that is attached to the broken pipe.

Once you have shut down the valve, you should immediately call for emergency plumbing services.

The contacts of your nearby emergency plumbing los angeles services can be fetched easily from the internet. Their services can be availed by booking online or by calling them.